Open House Intro

Alexander Lopez , Reporter

One of the big things happening at Langham that didn’t happen last year was the open house,and it will be back to normal this year.

“Open house will look exactly the same, parents can just go to the teachers class, it’s not a set schedule, we will still have all the clubs set up in the cafeteria for parents and students to look at and then at 5:30 there will be a senior parent meeting in the auditorium. So its like were going back to normal,” open house coordinator Bridget Evans said.

Now one of the big questions will be about the mask requirements and see if anything changes there when you have over 3,000 people in one school.

“Masks will be how they always are, optional ” Principal Jose Martinez said.

Now when it comes to open house it’s going to look pretty weird as we haven’t had an open house in two years,so it’s going to be weird doing it again for teachers and students.

“In my past experiences I have had a pleasant time at open house and I think it will be the same,” Junior Aram Artega said. 

So when it comes to the open house it looks like it will be just like previous years just with some people wearing masks and while it has been a while since the last open house it looks like everybody is prepared to do it again.