Tea club


Andrea Vazquez

First meeting of the Tea club.

Danielle Saucedo, Reporter

The tea club held their first meeting September 20 and all students are invited to join.

 “So we will have tea basically and we will be learning about tea and where it comes from and how to make it and there will also be snacks at the club.” sophomore Sarah Biak Len Thluai said.

 The Tea club has been talked about around school a lot since the announcement of the first meeting. 

“I think anything that brings people together with a like interest, when you come together to drink tea hopefully you’ll learn different things.” Tea club sponsor Ms.Sanchez said.

Even if students don’t know a lot about tea it’s still so different that it catches their eye and makes them want to go.

“We want people to have an experience beyond a drink, we want people to have a cultural encounter.” president Brianna Montemayor said.