Homecoming King and Queen Nominees


James Ricks

Homecoming Nominees (from left to right) Luca Barrio, Emilio Rodriguez, Jesus Martinez, Analiese Restrepo , Raquel Montemayor, and Kylie Galvan

Aaliyah Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief

As homecoming quickly approaches on September 25th , this year’s homecoming King and Queen nominees are working on garnering up votes. 

“Me and My boyfriend Emilio (Rodriguez) thought it would be fun to run for homecoming king and queen,” senior Kylie Galvan said. 

Between all the nominees, winning the title of king or queen is what they’re all aiming for most. 

“I feel like I should win because I can lead this pack of Lobos, this pack of cubbies to eternal peace,” senior Jesus Martinez said. “Together we will howl into the moonlight like no other.”

After having a year without an actual homecoming, they are prepared to actually celebrate their potential victory.

“If I do win, I think I’ll celebrate by making sure I have a good time at the dance with all my friends,” senior Raquel Montemayor said. 

Though each person is competing against each other, that doesn’t mean there’s any true rivalry between them. 

“I’m good friends with one of the other queen nominees so I’ll be happy if she wins as well,” Galvan said.