National Art Honor Society


Aaliyah Hamilton

NAHS Members at their first meeting

The National Art Honor Society club is being introduced to Langham for the first time.

The purpose of NAHS is for art students to volunteer and help out in the community.

“Gain more community in our lives and mix the art forms that Langham Creek has to offer to kids and create community out of it,” President Emily Olivarez said.

In NAHS, members will take on volunteer opportunities in regard to the arts. 

“The club is more community service based, so we will be volunteering at different events throughout the year that pertain to our club,” Olivarez said. “  We’ll have different opportunities, but right now we’re focusing on giving back.” 

NAHS also provides life skills and leadership skills that will help students later on in the future.

 “I feel like having a sense of community will lead you the right way than it being more than just a club,” Vice President Jaxson Castillo said. 

The club members will have the chance to achieve goals and help out the community in the process. 

 “At the end of the year there is supposed to be an art show that we hold and we’re supposed to sign up and help with that,” Olivarez said. “It’s supposed to involve all types of art like Culinary Art, so it’s more than the arts, it’s for everyone.”