Girls Basketball Season Starts with a Win


Angel Verdejo

Last years varsity girls basketball game against Cy Creek

Adriana Oberto, Reporter

Girls basketball started the season strong winning their first game.

“For our season starter we played a really tough team, “senior Captain Peyton Foster said. “Some people didn’t think we were gonna win or come out with the dub so it being our first win is exciting. I feel like it’s getting everyone ready for the year.”

Seven Lakes got close to tying, but the Lady Lobos were able to come out on top.

“It was a good win, we expected it to be very tough,” senior Akyra Hodges said. “We came out hard and we fought all the way to the end.”

The previous season was still not completely normal due to covid.

“Last season people were trying to find themselves within each other and trying to connect,” junior Eryn Lloyd said. “It took a few games to try to gel together, but when we did it really showed on the court.”

This new season will be a fresh start for the team.

“I’m excited for the season because we have a very new group of girls,” Foster said. “We play a lot of hard teams this year so I feel like it’s a big step.”

Last year the team was District Champions and they will be trying to uphold their record.

The Lady Lobos want to push themselves so that they have the “right mindset” to play and win their games.

“We expect every game to be hard,” Hodges said. “We can’t go with the mindset of ‘it’ll be easy, so we go in every game expecting it to be tough.”