Choir Performance

Danielle Saucedo, Reporter

This Tuesday at 7 pm, the Choir will be holding a winter concert for everyone in the auditorium. 

“I’m excited about our last concert this year,” sophomore Crystal Boconvi said. “I feel proud of all the hard work we did to prepare, so I hope people like it.”

This concert was also stressful for some students too.

“It was really stressful preparing for the concert,” sophomore Rylee Townsend said. “I thought that we wouldn’t be ready in time, but now I’m really excited about the concert.” 

Parents are welcome to come and students are excited to have their parents there to see their performance.

“My parents are gonna come and I hope they like it,” sophomore Isai Arteaga said. “ I feel really proud of all the practicing we’ve done.”

This is also the first winter concert we will be having since 2019.

“I’m just excited to have holiday cheer back in the auditorium,” choir director Ms Mccallum said. “That spark of performing is what I’m excited for, and the experience students get out of this performance.”