Soccer Tryouts

Alex Ornelas, Reporter

 Soccer tryouts happened Monday and Tuesday and Athletes who tried out will find out if they made either the sophomore, junior varsity, or Varsity soccer team on Wednesday December 1st.

  “We didn’t do many drills. We played more ball than anything, the coach wanted to know who genuinely knew how to move with the ball and have knowledge of the game. JV had to scrimmage the sophomore team,” junior Oscar Montero said.

  Langham Creek soccer looks to get new athletes, as they want to continue in the path they were in last season. The Lobos were 16-6A District champions, and want more this upcoming season.

  “The athletes had a good showing for tryouts. I was impressed with the athletes who tried out and I’m looking forward to another good season for our soccer teams,” Coach Monk said.

  We are looking forward to seeing how our Lobo Soccer teams do this year, and work to improve from a positive season.