Queen Spa Day activity to give makeovers and experience

Danielle Saucedo, Reporter

Cosmetology will be holding an event on February 5th called Queen Spa Day for anyone 18 or older. This is the 3rd event where the cosmetology students will be giving people makeovers.

“Last time the event was for kids, which was fun but just very hectic,” sophomore Andrea Vasquez said. “I would like this time to be more fun and less stressful.”

This event is mostly run by the students to give them the full experience of being cosmetologists.

“This is all on the students,” cosmetology teacher Mrs. Mosby said. “I want them to be the ones to be in full control.”

The event will be for all cosmetology students and they will all have different jobs.

“Most jobs are enjoyable, it’s just sometimes I get nervous,” sophomore Sarah Biak Len Thluai said. “With the more events that we have, I get more relaxed and used to it.”

The main focus of this event is for everyone to have a good time and enjoy the days activities.

“I hope we do well and just learn more from this experience,” junior Madeline Garcia said. “I hope everyone just has a good time.”