VASE art contest cancels in-person critiques for 3rd year

VASE, an art UIL competition, has cancelled the in-person portion of the contest.

“Now that the judges can no longer view the artwork in-person but rather online, I really want to try to perfect my artwork the best I can,” senior Jaxon Castillo said.

Castillo wants the judges to “see every single detail on a digital screen” to make sure their idea has gotten across.

This will be the third consecutive year VASE has canceled the in-person interview.

“I am a very nervous person, but it was something I was looking forward to anyway just because of the opportunities that can come from it,” sophomore Catriona Clarke said.

Because of the cancellation, many students are changing their minds about VASE.

“I wanted to get the full experience of getting judged in person, but now that I can’t the idea is kind of ruined,” junior Tony Lam said. “I still have the same intent but my biggest thing now is I don’t want two spots because I feel like one is enough.

The art teachers are still encouraging their students to participate.

“It’s always a good opportunity to be able to talk about your work in a professional situation, even if it’s not in person,” photography teacher Mr. Smith said.

All UIL competitions, including VASE, help students meet the requirements to earn a letterman jacket.

“Although you don’t have the fun of going to VASE, you still get good feedback from other people besides your own art teachers,” photography teacher Mrs. Martinez said.

This was the last year seniors are able to participate in VASE since the competition does not extend to college students.

“I think it’s kind of sad that I can’t do it in-person, but I’m glad for the opportunity,” Castillo said. “I’m happy that it’s online rather than not having it at all and that I get to put my artwork out there.”