A March yee-haw

Adallis Bradford and Jarely Curiel

For many students, March is the season of cowboy boots, calf showing, and Texas pride known as the rodeo. This is a special time of year where students in FFA are able to put their hard work, effort, and determination on display as they show and compete with the animals they’ve been raising all year long. During our high school years, it is a great time to participate in this amazing Texas tradition. Many students have shown great interest in livestock showing and competing. FFA student, Logan Papinchak, is participated in the General Rodeo Committee for the very first time. She was vey excited and happy to participate. “Yesterday, I was there with the special kids committee; and we put on a mini rodeo for the kids, and they got to do horse back riding and main events like barrel racing along with the bean bag and ring toss,” Papinchak said. She registered in October and since she’s joined, the rodeo has been keeping her hands busy. However, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the hard work. “It’s a lot of fun. I’m going to be doing this committee for 4 years, and then whenever you turn 21, you get to join an adult committee,” Papinchank said. Of course, you don’t have to be in a committee to participate in the rodeo. During the rodeo, students can exhibit the farm animals they’ve loved and care for. “We have a student (Shelby Bronstad) there now exhibiting a lamb on Friday. We have another student (Bryson Lopez) with a steer, who will be there through Wednesday,” FFA teacher, Cassie Klecka said. But participation in the rodeo doesn’t end there. It’s okay if taking care of animals isn’t your calling, maybe you can take out a piece of paper and pencil to create amazing artwork. Some art students have been doing their part in the rodeo by entering the rodeo art contest.  Students like Jesica Mata and Anderson Ray have become finalists, and many have earned white and red ribbons like Gloria Gutierrez and Dominique Boggs. Beautiful artwork has been created, and some will represent Langham Creek. Avery Patton’s artwork was auctioned off on Sunday in NRG stadium for 42 thousand dollars.
When the rodeo comes around, excitement fills the air, whether it’s participating in committees, art shows, taking care of animals, or just going to the concerts and carnival rides. The rodeo is a fantastic Texas tradition that guarantees you leaving with a smile.