Langham Creek Varsity Baseball Team Announced


Alex Lopez, Reporter

While a lot of sports are ending here at Langham Creek some others are starting and one of them is Varsity baseball. The baseball team is historically one of the best sports of all time in Langham history, and the players are excited to get back on the field.

“I am very excited with the new field and everything ready, very excited for this new season,” starting catcher Shawn Rawls said.

While they haven’t made the playoffs since 2016, the team believes that they have the talent to make it this year and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they make it.

“I feel we have more chemistry and I think that we’re more together. I think we’re gonna be pretty good and I think we have a chance to make the playoffs,” starting pitcher Emilio Rodriguez said.

Now when it comes to sports there’s always that one team you’re looking forward to playing, but for the Lobos they’re looking forward to taking it one game at a time.

“I like our schedule because we play some really competitive opponents and I know that our guys enjoy the competition,” Baseball assistant coach Miguel Mercado said. “I would say that playing our district opponents is what the players look forward to the most. We play in a strong district and no opponent can be taken lightly.”

Now though it’s now time to meet the 2022 Langham Creek Varsity Baseball Roster.

Carter, Andreozzi Sr

Alexander, Fontenot Sr

Nicholas, Franco Sr

Ryan, Frank Sr

Aidan, Gallehugh Sr

Brandon, Hart Sr

Seth, Johnson Sr

Jaret, Kelley Jr

Jayden, Lathon Sr

Shawn, Rawls Sr

Emilio, Rodriguez Sr

Christian, Sedeno Sr

Sergio, Soto Jr

Jonathan, Trejo Jr

Gene, Villareal Sr

Dylan, Yanes Sr


This year the Lobos are bringing back most of their starters, so they will have a lot of experience coming into this season.

Even though they have had a lot of struggles this team is determined to make the playoffs.