Pineapple Takes the Cake at Culinary Battle


Junior Emily Rose Prindle’s Pineapple Upside Down Inside Out Cupcake

Aaliyah Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief

In the 5th annual CFISD Cupcake Battle, culinary students from across the district came to have their cupcakes judged based on several categories. Junior Emily Rose Prindle won one of the categories of Best Technique. Prindle presented the judges with her winning pineapple upside down inside out cupcake recipe. 

“It was a pineapple upside down cake,” Prindle said. “But the upside down part was always making the wrapper too oily, or too wet and it also didn’t make the flavors taste good, so we decided to put it on the inside.” 

The competition was held on January 21st at the Berry Center. Bakers would arrive with their cupcakes premade, ready to get graded on. 

“I baked the cupcakes Thursday night at home,” Prindle said. “At the competition, I placed the three best cupcakes on the plate for the judges to taste.”

Out of all the students, Prindle’s cupcakes ended up having the most appeal to the judges for the techniques she had used on them.

“There was such good technique all over the place,” Prindle said. “What I think caught the judges eyes was that I dried my fruit. I also used fondant, which most people don’t know how to use because it’s really hard to work with.”

Through the whole process Prindle remained confident with support from her family. 

“Thursday, I had my dad eat one of the competition cupcakes and he was like ‘that’s delicious, go for that,” Prindle said. “My family tasted all the frostings to make sure they had the right flavors, but I was definitely confident.”