Langham Creek Swim 2021-2022 season

Alex Ornelas, Reporter

 As we wrap up the 2021-2022 swim season we look at the accomplishments, and future goals our Swim team has.

  “I believe we will do better next year. I hope to get into varsity. I dropped my time by about 15 seconds, I generally got faster by gaining confidence in the water,” Chidi Evuchaiwe said.

  As the Lobo swim team proceeds to water polo, we want to reflect on the season they had, and the progress they have made from last year.

“We had an awesome season, we had some fine performances. Senior Sasha Vorarittinapa had the fastest women’s 100 free race with a time of 1:02.13. Also, senior Owen Putnam had the fastest times in the men’s free 200 race with a time of 1:50.96, and fastest time in the men’s 500 free race with a time of 4:58.47,” Coach Dean said.

  This was a great season for our swim team, let’s finish the year off strong with water polo, and look forward to a promising season next year.