Female Varsity Wrestler Achieves Her 100th Win


Annika Gotlieb celebrating her 100th win

Adriana Oberto, Reporter

Winning even once is an incredible feat on its own, but there is a student who has achieved the amazing accomplishment of winning 100 times. 

“This win means the world to me,” senior Annika Gotlieb said. “It’s a big accomplishment that I’ve worked to achieve from my sophomore year until now. I’m being scouted by colleges to play professionally for them.”

Wrestling is an important part of her life and this will continue in the future.

“I want to continue wrestling when I get into college and this win will help me do that,” Gotlieb said.

At first Annika thought that college wrestling wasn’t for her.

“ I was focusing on education since I want to be in pre-vet, but now that colleges have started contacting me for it I think that I can work hard to balance both,” Gotlieb said.

This sport started with her family and Annika will continue the tradition.

“My dad did wrestling in high school and college and my brother did wrestling for two years and because I’m the only girl I wanted to do it as well,” Gotlieb said

While she loves the sport, she finds that there are some unpleasant aspects.

“Conditioning is the worst part because you have to move around 24/7 and it can tire you out but you get used to it.”

Through all of the struggles her family has motivated her to keep perfecting her craft.

“My whole family has become way more supportive, they’ve always been supportive but because I’m the only girl they’ve really focused on my happiness,” Gotlieb said. “They come up to me after matches telling me I did a great job. It makes me feel appreciated, like I can do anything and the next time I step on the mat I’ve got it.”