Restaurant Review: Krazy Dog

Aaliyah Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief

Corn dogs have been a staple of American cuisine for as long as I could remember. But with the creation of the Korean corn dog, the American version doesn’t compare. Krazy Dog is a restaurant that specializes in making different varieties of Korean corn dogs. 

Now corn dogs have never been a personal favorite of mine, but the moment I saw a Korean corn dog pop up on my Tik Tok, I knew I had to try one.

Luckily my dream to get my hands on one came true, when Krazy Dog opened its doors to the public this past November, less than 5 miles away from the school. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on it since then, so I thought it was best to give it my proper judgment instead. 

Walking into the restaurant, you are automatically welcomed into a colorful Gen-Z-Like atmosphere. It’s Instagram picture worthy with its art-filled wall with attributes to Korea on the forefront of walking in and its very own neon Krazy Dog sign illuminating along a leafy wall towards the back of the restaurant. The sign also includes the wording “Always fresh and tasty”, which they just so happen to live up to. 

When it actually came to ordering, I was very much indecisive with their large array of different corn dogs. The ones I was most stuck on were the Potato dog, that has sugar-dusted cubes of potato with their own Krazy sauce, The Volcano dog, which has Hot Cheetos and Krazy sauce, and the Crunch Dog, that has crispy onions and Krazy sauce as well. Each dog had the option to get a sausage filling, cheese filling, or a half and half choice. Following a long gander at the menu and my friends becoming impatient for me to order, I got the potato dog with cheese to try with a mango lemonade to drink. 

After about a 10-15 minute wait, our number was finally called to receive our food. While I was quite starving, I appreciated the wait for our food to know we were going to be getting it fresh. Another thing I appreciated was the sizing of the dogs. They weren’t too skimpy or too ginormous, but just large enough to satisfy a craving. 

When it came time to take my first bite, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; but nonetheless, I was not at all disappointed. The sugar from the potato blended quite nicely with the spice of the Krazy sauce and cheese filling. In a sense, it was almost like eating a mozzarella stick but with a more prominent flavor that cannot really be compared to anything else. I had expected the texture to be far soggier but it had a nice crispiness to the coating. To wash down the bouts of deliciousness I had just devoured, I went ahead and gave the mango lemonade a try. To my surprise, it wasn’t as tart as usual lemonade. The mango tasted fresh and sweet, not like premade powdered lemonade. It was a refreshing drink and I would return back just to get another one alone even.

My friend was very generous to let me try his volcano dog and just from a single bite, I knew it was automatically my favorite. I’m not usually the type to eat spicy chips, but the hot Cheeto coating didn’t have much spice. It did on the other hand have a lot of flavoring to it that once again blended nicely with the cheese filling. 

Overall, Krazy dog was a unique food experience and eatery. From my judgment, I do enjoy their food and I recommend others to go too. I would give Krazy Dog 8-of-10 howls for their flavorful food and good prices.