Cords and Stoles-How to get them

If you want to know what someone has achieved throughout high school, just look at what they’re wearing at graduation. Cords and stoles are a representation of all of the things a student has fulfilled. 

There are many different clubs that give you the opportunity to receive cords and stoles. Key club has cords, Interact has a stole, Journalism has cords for their Quill & Scroll Honor Society, all of the branches of NHS have either a stole or cords and there are many other clubs that provide them.

To receive cords and stoles you must meet a certain amount of hours participating in the club. Some clubs give you hours for attending meetings and volunteer activities, but other clubs, like NHS do not give you hours from the meetings. The price of cords and stoles varies depending on the provider and students pay through their club sponsor.

Joining a club before your senior year will give you more time to collect hours and participate in the activities the clubs offer. Because some clubs demand more hours than others, don’t burden yourself by solely joining to receive cords and stoles.