Langham Creek student $40,000 Amazon Scholarship Winner

Aaliyah Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief

Being 1 in 100 is already such a slim chance. Being 1 in 100 students across the nation selected to receive a scholarship for Amazon is even slimmer. Senior Ryan Linton just so happened to be that slim 1. 

“They sent a box to my house with all the acceptance stuff,” Linton said. “My mom cut it open and saw ‘$40,000 scholarship winner’. We all just went crazy, jumping around the house.”

While researching scholarships, Linton came across the Amazon scholarship that included the opportunity to participate in an internship with the company. 

“I was trying to find ones that fit me because I’m interested in computer science,” Linton said. “I wanted to not have as much of a financial burden to pay for college. I was like ‘you know what, I need a scholarship that will not only fit my needs financially but lead to bigger and better opportunities in the future.” 

The internship will be beneficial for pursuing his future career within computer science 

“Pretty much all they told me is that it will be a programming internship like coding,” Linton said. “Which is pretty much what I’m interested in but other than that, I don’t really know too many details.” 

If Amazon allows for it, he might continue working for the company.

“I think it’ll be an interesting place to work, “You know, big company but I also think I’m more interested in startups, like smaller companies.”