Hands for Hope

Danielle Saucedo, Reporter

Hands for Hope is a new club that just started at Langham this year.

The goal of the Hands for Hope club is to learn about and create prosthetic hands out of a 3D printer.

“We learn a lot about 3D printing and the struggles people go through without a hand and try to find ways to help them,” freshman Sophia Nguyen said.

In Hands for Hope they learn about people who have lost limbs and their stories.

“In the club, our main purpose is to help people who have disabilities and need help,” senior Stephen Welsh said.

The club also has its moments where they have fun as a group and it’s a new way to make friends.

“I find the club very fun,” senior Celeste Flores said. “It’s nice to have fun and learn valuable things.”

  Members expressed their enjoyment of the activities they partook in and hope for the same for incoming members.

 “I just really enjoyed printing out all the parts and learning about 3D printing,” president Bishoy Esshak said. “I want future people in the club to have a lot of fun, you’re doing good work for people.”