Dance Spring Show

The Dance 2 classes hosted their spring show last Thursday night. It was the first-ever show that the dance class has hosted at school.

¨It’s very exciting since it’s a post-Covid school year and that they have their own concert out of the Bailadoras,¨ dance teacher Ms. Love said.

Most students have been put into dance to get their fine arts credits, but most come out having a new love for it.

 ¨I kind of was just put into dance, but it has been fun and the performance I’ve been very excited for,¨ sophomore Sarah Biak Len Thluai said.

This was the first performance for a lot of students, so they got a lot of learning experiences from it.

¨I learned to be patient because you have to take the time to learn the skills and sometimes it’s not easy,” sophomore Brianna Cadena said.

As the year came to a close the students recap on all they learned this year.

¨She taught me to step out of my comfort zone,¨ Junior Giselle Silva said. ¨I also feel like she puts our personality into our dance and that’s a good thing she does.¨