AP Portfolio

Cindy Ramos Parada, Reporter

The AP Art portfolios will be submitted this coming friday. The art portfolios are a year-long collection of the students’ best photos including a theme throughout their work from the year. Gathering all of the photos was not an easy feat for many students. 

“It was very hard to choose which photos are good enough to be in my portfolio,” junior America Miranda said.

Students even admitted that their inspiration had run out during the process. 

“During the process I lost motivation to even take consistent photos,” senior Aaliyah Hamilton said. “It was a lot of effort to create the photos I have.”

The class expanded their creativity and knowledge on different photo taking methods.

“Being in AP Photo introduced me to concepts I never thought I would use before,” Hamilton said. “I’ve learned more about conceptualization and all the inner workings of photography.”

With the help of the techniques taught in photography, it guided many students to have stability in their work.

“I used light to my advantage throughout my portfolio and it helped create the tone of my theme,” Miranda said. “I’ve worked hard on my photos and I’m nervous to see what the judges think.”