Something Rotten Premier’s Next Weekend

First show begins May 13th

Serenity White, Reporter

LC Ensemble is having a production called “Something Rotten”  that will be presented May 13, 14, & 15.

“Something Rotten” is going to be the biggest production that our school ever had, with all of the fine art departments including, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Dance, and now even Debate. Each fine art will have its own role in helping out in the play. During the rehearsal process it’s been a mix of stress and fun. “The rehearsals are everyday after school, anyone will get a little drained but they pull through,” Mr. Oneacher said.

This has been an exciting experience for most of the students and even their first time being apart of something like this, but that excitement can turn into anxiety and nervousness. 

“ I’m going to be terrified because it’s going to be quiet and we’re going to be in front of everyone,” choir student Jose Penaloza said, It’s also been stressful for them balancing school and the play, “It’s been very stressful , but in the end it’s gonna be worth it,” Penaloza said.

This musical might even connect with some students as it includes life lessons.

 “They’re definitely some life lessons regarding loyalty, brotherhood, and friendship,” Oneacher said. “But mostly it’s comedy, so they’ll have fun with it, They’ll love it.”

You may be asking yourself what’s all the hype about this play? What is it even about ?   

“Something Rotten” is about two brothers that are trying to write the next big thing but live in a time where William Shakespeare is like a rockstar and basically they are completing with him and one thing leads to another they write a show, basically Hamlet but not really hamlet and then things unravel and you have to see the show to see the end,” Onecacher said. 

Tickets are still on sale for, Friday May 13th @7:00pm,  Saturday May 14th @7:00PM  & Sunday May 15th @2:00pm

Come and support, and raise money for your Langham Creek Fine Arts Department!