Photo 2 Art Show


Aaliyah Hamilton

Sophomore Stephanie Diaz showing off her work

The students of the Photography II class displayed their work at their annual end of year art show. 

“I just wanted to show that everyone has a different style of work.” sophomore Liandra Molina said. 

In the library, students had presented all their work that they had accumulated from their time being involved in the photography program as a way to give them recognition.

“There’s not much of an incentive to do it,” Mrs. Martinez said. “I like to have something for students to try hard and this show is something that really encourages them.” 

Students explored different themes and topics that they found most intriguing to them.

“It’s a kind of escape,” junior Valeria Lopez said.  “To see the beauty in everything. That’s why my topic is nature.”

Students from other classes came to view the work and had the chance to talk to the artists behind them.

“It’s like a once in a lifetime thing,” sophomore Stephanie Diaz said. “It’s pretty fun when everyone is asking me questions.”