Langham Creek Varsity Volleyball

Alexander Ornelas, Reporter

 The Langham Creek Volleyball team is underway in their 2022 season, Their next game will be an away game against Cypress Springs.

  “Some improvements from last season are, we can actually play as a team now because we’ve had time to create that chemistry, so now we have trust in one another and that will help us move forward. We’ve bonded on the court and off of the court, and that has helped us tremendously” senior Jacqueline Salazar said. 

  The Lobos are on to a good start; they’re third in the district at a record of 7-3. Also, their full record is 26-12 which is a 68% win ratio.

  “Our goals for the remainder of the season is to win all district games, and to become district champs. Also, we want to make a deep playoff run. To make this a possibility we are gonna work our absolute hardest, show up to every workout and train like it’s our last day,” Coach Glenn said.

  As the Lobos prepare for the remainder of the season, let’s support and help drive them to an outstanding 2022 season. 

  “Everyday in Practice we bring out how we wanna play in a game, we always want to push ourselves to a high standard and i really believe thats what helps us set our goals for the future, our saying is “earned not given” and we believe it plays a big role in our team” junior Leah Rios said.

“We love love love all the support when people come and watch us and cheer. It makes it way more fun for us and gets us excited to be playing” Rios said.