Cross Country District Meet

Samantha Banegas, 12th

Alexander Ornelas, Reporter

Cross Country’s District meet was a success as junior Sofia Barreda placed 7th overall and advanced to regionals. Three of our varsity boys placed in the Top 25, senior Isaac Garcia placed 19th, Vijay Washigton placed 21st, and Elyjah Dapremont placed 24th.

  “As a team we improved by being more consistent, this year we worked harder than ever before. We showed up everyday and put in the hard hours for better results,” junior Elyjah Dapremont said.

  The Lobos had a strong season, they got better overall as a team, everyone improved and had fun doing so. 

  “Everyone on varsity got at least 30 seconds faster, we’ve all made sure to keep each other accountable by doing each rep, and holding ourselves to a higher standard, so that we can make sure we’re improving,” sophomore Vijay Washington said.

  As they look forward to next year, there are many positives to take away from this season. Many athletes improved and set personal bests, also the team can go back and look at the mistakes made, and make changes to have an even better season next.

  “I’m excited to be competing at regionals again, I’m gonna give it my all in an attempt to make State for the first time. I’m thankful for the whole team for continuing to push me even if they aren’t going to compete,” junior Sofia Barreda said. 

 Sofia will be competing at Regionals, which will be held at Grand Prairie, Tx on Monday, October 24, 2022.