Lobo X factor

Students at Langham Creek finally have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the Lobo X Factor. Auditions for the talent show were held on October 27, and the finalists were announced.

“To be honest I kinda expected to make it,” senior Trinity Pugh said. “I’m not really scared about auditions so I wasn’t really nervous.”

Langham has never done something like the Lobo X before. 

“I personally expect people might be overwhelmed at the start,” junior Mckenna Edwards said. “But when people get comfortable they will start getting really excited.”

Some students have been waiting for the chance to present their talents for a while.

“My biggest regret from 8th grade was not being in the talent show so as soon as I heard about Lobo X I was like, I have to do this,” Warring said.

The most important thing about the talent show is not about performing, but having fun.

“I’m excited to just be around the people cause I hope to see some awesome talent and just be around fun people,” Warring said.

The Lobo X Factor will be held on November 15th in the auditorium.