South Asian Multicultural Organization and Student Association first meeting

Langham’s latest club, the South Asian Multicultural Organization and Student Association (SAMOSA) held its first meeting on October 26.

“I felt like we could just add another club except this time with our South Asian heritage and share our culture, our food, and our celebrations,” junior Vimala Nair said.

Preparation for the SAMOSA club was no easy feat.

“The whole officer team worked together, we promoted the club, we made posters and flyers, we spread the word,” junior Hena Singh said.

SAMOSA ended up having over 40 people show up.

“We had so many people, we also had teachers,” junior Avi Barad said.

The officers are delighted with the outcome of the first meeting.

“I think it went amazing,” Nair said. “Everyone enjoyed it and everyone seemed happy, so we were really happy with the turnout. We definitely hope to expand this club. Maybe get a bigger room, add more food, reach out to the sponsors outside of school so we can do fundraisers and help other people in the community with our club.”

SAMOSA has a promising future as a club.

“This club is a great opportunity to learn about South Asian culture,” Singh said. “We’re just trying to bring everybody together and unite people through food and fun.”