The Secret in the Wings

LCHS Theatre Ensemble first production of 2022-2023 season

The theatre ensemble opened its first production of the year on Thursday, November 3. The show was called “The Secret in the Wings”, a magic-filled play with a spin on different fairy tales.

“Before the show, I was pretty excited because it was our first show of the season,” junior Melina Barrios said.

Students made new memories and experiences with people they hadn’t known before by participating in the show.

“My favorite part was meeting new people because my new theatre friends are great and I love them,” freshman Sam Johnson said. 

The actors had to apply new skills to their performances and learn to work with one another.

“It was hard because I’ve never played multiple characters in one show, so it was hard trying to show differences in the characters physically,” junior India Lee said. “And it was a little challenging clicking with everybody because there were a lot of new people who weren’t in theatre, but after a few weeks, we got it and it was cool.”

Despite the difficulties that practicing for a show comes with, the students enjoyed being able to spend time with each other.

 “Rehearsals were my favorite part because you get to be with all your friends and it was fun,” sophomore Sophee Werner said. 

The ensemble is happy with the outcome of their first show and is looking forward to the next production.

“I think it went good,” Lee said. “Every night had its pros and cons, but overall it went really smoothly.”