Bailadoras technique session


Danielle Saucedo, reporter

The Bailadoras have had two technique sessions this year and still have one more to go.

“The technique sessions are a way for the other lieutenants to get a feel for who could be joining our team and helping people trying out and know what they need to be on the team,” junior Kassidy Johnson said.

The meetings are always circulating new people and different techniques.

“Every technique session is different because you have different people from different levels coming in and trying new things they haven’t done before,” senior Laiah Chinelle said.

They all play their own roles in helping the sessions run smoothly.

“I’m here to help those who are trying to develop their technique sessions and hopefully give them a space to let go and just dance,” Chinelle said.

The Bailadoras are always willing to help and make sure everyone has fun.

“They’re still learning and there is still a lot of growth for them and it’s just a really great time for everyone,” junior Brooke Martin said.

Though for the Bailadoras, dedication and perseverance are most important to have during these sessions.

“You don’t have to be perfect but just come in with an open mind and we look for progress over perfection on the team,” sophomore Camryn Jones said.