Head in the Game, A Soccer Report

Returning after winning districts last year, boys soccer is coming back with new captains and with a new purpose. 

“Since this year is the last for many guys on the team we are pushing to make it the best,” senior Ayden Finley said. “We are trying to be more competitive and responsible to be better.”

This goal to improve won’t be a hard challenge for the Varsity team because of the bond they have created.

“We have really good chemistry and we have been all playing together since freshman year, so I feel like with that chemistry we can win big,” senior Kassim Chehade said.

Now with Finley taking the role as captain, he hopes to bring the team higher than they have ever gone before. 

“One thing I am going to do for the team is try to uplift them, because confidence is key in players,” Finley said. “I just want the team to do better than ever expected.”

The boys have their heads in the game and aren’t fooling around. Their attitude is in-it to win-it.

“Everyone on the team can agree that our biggest goal of the season is to continue our district win streak,” Chehade said. 

They are keeping their target in mind while they prepare for what they hope is going to be an epic season.

“This season will probably be our best yet and as the season begins we will show what we mean, ” senior Elias Jerez said.