Christmas Toy Drive

Alexander Lopez, Editor-in-chief

The school is partnering with Cy-Fair High School to do one of the biggest drives in the school year. 

“This is the Christmas drive, this is for Langham kids and students in need throughout the district,” Christmas drive organizer Michelle Cronan said.

The drive is going to be organized by many different organizations on campus.

“The Athletics group, the Student Body Organization, and the Social Workers on campus, they are mostly the ones doing all this,” principal secretary Deila Baker said.

This Christmas toy drive is going to be a bunch of new or old toys that will be sent to kids and teens in need and will help bring joy in life.

“We partnered with out campus social workers to help out families in need this Christmas, students should bring any gift they think kids from pre-k to 12th grade would like for Christmas,” Cronan said.

Once you get the gifts for the kids you will be assigned to bring them to a certain room, then they will ship them off to give to the kids for Christmas.

“You can deliver them to my room 2611, or to the nurses office. Then the donations will go towards making someone’s Christmas special,” Cronan said.

The Christmas drive just started last week and will be ending on Tuesday, December 9th.