National Honor Society Induction Being Held Thursday

After the rigorous application process, applicants finally found out if they made it into the organization. 

The National Honor Society induction will be held in the auditorium at 7pm on January 19th.  

“It was very hard to get everything submitted with the short amount of time we had,” junior Camila Jimenez said. 

A group of selected adults were in charge of overseeing who was going to receive the confirmation letter.

“I remember I was laying in my bed and I got a notification from the NHS remind,” junior Samantha Henderson said. “When I read the letter I was so excited I screamed.”

Applicants had to find what made them the right fit to join.

“Writing the essay really made me reflect on the student I am,” Henderson said. “Though looking back on my successes made me realize I deserve to be a part of it.”

Making the National Honor Society felt like winning an award to many students.

 “I am so excited for the induction and to celebrate,” junior Riley Clede-Conger said. “The induction feels like all of my hard work is being recognized.”

Current members are ready to welcome the new NHS students.

“I remember last year when I got the acceptance letter and I love seeing other juniors excited about theirs,” senior Nita Ngyuen said.