Is college academy for you?

College academy is a program that allows students to have a chance at earning their Associates degree while still in high school. This program is open to those with good scores and you have the choice to leave the program if needed, but is it really worth it?

People wanting to earn their associate’s degree in high school will have to take dual credit classes in order to get the degree. Lone Star provides these class credits through the dual credit program while also requiring students to attend at least two classes on the Lone Star Campus as well for classes not provided here at Langham. You have to complete at least 60 credits to get your degree. While most people see this as an advantage there are also disadvantages that come with it. 

If you plan on staying in the state for additional schooling, the dual credit classes are a great advantage to people, but for people wanting to go out of state this program may not be for you. If you are going out of state, these credits may not transfer with you, and you will have to take these classes again. Even in some in-state colleges, you will have to retake some of these classes. To many, that is not worth all the stress right now and they would rather wait until college, but also for people that have no college plan after high school, this program is a great option for you. 

College Academy is an amazing option if you want to stay in state, but if you want to go out of state, AP classes may be a better option. While these dual credit classes give you the experience of what college classes will be like, they still won’t give you the credit many out of state colleges require.