Cheer Tryouts Are Coming


With the season almost done, Cheer is officially holding their yearly tryout for new members that are interested in joining Cheer.

“Cheer tryouts span over several days where candidates learn the material,” Head Cheer Coach Ashley Kowalczyk said. The date of the tryouts is Thursday March 9th.

If you are interested in tryouts, you have to do a couple things in order to actually try out.

“In order to tryout, you have to have pass the fall semester, have a parent attend the mandatory parent meeting, and turn in all the required paperwork in the tryout packet,” Kowalczyk said.

The tryouts will consist of a lot of dancing and moving in order to see who is right for the Cheer Team.

“On March 1st, 2nd, and 6th students will learn a cheer and dance,” Kowalczyk said. “On the 7th students will review all material, on the 8th students will walk through mock-tryouts so they know what to expect for the actual tryout on the 9th, and finally results will be posted on the 10th.” 

This tryout will be extremely tough for all the newcomers, so make sure if you are interested to come ready and prepared for what’s to come.

“Students don’t need to bring anything to tryouts, just water and a positive attitude,” Kowalczyk said.

The Official tryout is held on March 9th, and results will officially be posted on the 10th.