Where Did Lacrosse Go?

In the state of Texas there are 14 approved UIL sports. Schools claim to provide a place where students are given the opportunity to be in anything they desire to. So why is it that a sport like Lacrosse is not given the same opportunities? 

The popularity of this sport is most common in states up north. New York, Massachusetts, etc. Now although it’s not as common as football, how come it’s being forgotten? 

“It’s not that I feel less respected as an athlete, because at the end of the day I still am able to play my sport and do what I want disregarding how other people view it,” junior Ryan Gosmano said.” 

Due to this shortage, Langham had to combine with 2 other schools in the district in order to have enough players for both JV and Varsity. Cy Woods and Bridgeland are the only other schools in Cy-Fair ISD who have boys who want to play.

“This season has been a little difficult only because last year I was playing with people I’ve played with almost my entire life, and this year almost everyone is new,” senior Layton Speer said. “We are doing really good right now; I’m not worried about how the season will go.” 

Although the lacrosse players seem to be performing well, the sport deserves more. These athletes put in just as much work as those sports that are UIL approved, and that should be recognized.