It’s Assassin Season!


Wanna know a secret game that Langham Creek students have been playing for over 10 years? Shhh.. don’t tell anyone! It’s a game that’s been played every spring semester for as long as anyone can remember. It’s assassin season!

The rules of the game are simple: each player is assigned a target, and their objective is to “assassinate” that target using a Nerf gun. But here’s the catch – while you’re hunting down your target, someone else is hunting you down too. The game lasts for several weeks, and the last player standing wins.

As expected, the game has caused quite a stir in the school. Some students are fervently taking part, while others are worried about safety concerns. The game administrators have issued a set of rules to be followed during the game, such as not playing during school hours, not using real weapons, and not interfering with non-participants.

Despite the risks, many students are thrilled to be participating in such an intense game.

“It’s just a really fun way to spend our free time,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s like a real-life game of tag, but with a twist.”

As the game enters its third week, tensions are high as players try to stay one step ahead of their hunters. But even with the risks involved, it’s clear that “Assassin” has become a beloved tradition in the school. And who knows? Maybe one of the students playing today will become the next great assassin of tomorrow.