Don’t over spend on Prom

With prom coming up, some people spend up to $1,000 on dresses, suits, and other accessories. Some may argue this is too much.

It is and here is why.

Buying new dresses, suits, etc, just for one night can be harmful to the planet. After prom, second-hand stores and dumps are full of prom dresses and suits, which most are eventually wasted because people want the newest, nicest, ones. This isn’t sustainable and is hurting the environment.

On the night of prom, people can spend up to even more on makeup, hair styling, food, and much more. This is a waste of money for just one night. Why spend so much on prom when you could be spending the money on things you actually need?

Lastly, prom isn’t the big deal it’s made out to be. It’s just a dance and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t attend prom or put so much effort into it. Many people who have skipped prom their senior year have said they didn’t feel like they missed out on much.
So why even put so much into it in the first place?

Some may argue that prom is the most special night of your high school career and that it’s worth spending the money on. People don’t spend as much on homecoming so why spend so much on prom? Maybe instead of buying new, expensive dresses and other
accessories, try buying them second-hand and recycling everything that you won’t need after prom.

In conclusion, prom may seem like this huge thing that you need to spend lots of money on, but really spending that much only leads to harm.