Underappreciated sports: Bowling

There are dozens of sports, clubs, and organizations available at student’s fingertips in order to earn the highly anticipated letterman jacket. Students long for this sense of accomplishment and proof that their hard work really did pay off when they are finally able to add this signature jacket to their wardrobe. When students consider what they want to letter in, almost every student overlooks bowling as an option.

“This is my first year of bowling!” sophomore JV team member Lauren Alford said. “I joined because it is a great way to earn my letterman and I wanted to improve my bowling skills!”

This year alone, the JV Bowling team won first place all around in District and the Varsity boys team had the chance to compete in the State competition. Their hard work is truly overlooked.

“[Practices are] exhausting. People think it’s not but it’s hard work!” Alford said.

However, many of the team members aren’t just aiming for the letterman jacket, many are also aiming to receive financial aid for their talents on the team.

“Yes [I will be on the team next year] I am hoping to get a scholarship to SFA,” junior Varsity team member Mackenzie Ferguson said.

The bowling team continues to work hard in order to remain successful and continue their winning streak. Hopefully this hard work will continue to pay off throughout the seasons to come.