Noah Conley, Reporter

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The Health Occupations Students of America (H.O.S.A) is a club for students interested in health sciences and the medical field. The club is run by Ms.Richard, the health science teacher here at school.

  “Students in H.O.S.A learn about medical science, and there are competitions where students can apply the knowledge that they have learned in the club to real life.” Richard said. These contests usually take the format of a Trivia-Bowl-esque game where students answer questions regarding things like medical terminology.

  H.O.S.A has no prerequisites, meaning that students don’t need any beforehand health experience to join the club.

  “Students don’t need to know anything about health before joining. It is meant for students who just want to learn about health and medical science.” Richard said.

  H.O.S.A also does things that help the community. They volunteer at and organize non-profit events for things like breast cancer awareness.

  “We do things like food drives and cancer walks, and we volunteer at other events by doing things like setting up activities for the kids, things like that.” Richard said.

   Students also enjoy their time spent in the club, and it is one of the biggest clubs.

  “Students in H.O.S.A really like their time here, and we usually have 100-150 members every year, so it is sort of popular.” Richard said.. The club has also been a fixture here at Langham for a long time. “I started teaching health here twenty-two years ago, and I founded H.O.S.A about the same time.” Richard said.

   Students who join H.O.S.A also tend to stay in the club for a while. Raniyah Nathani  is a senior at school, and has been in the club since freshman year. Now she is the co-president.

  “In freshman year, I took Medical Terminology with Ms.Smith, and that’s where I learned about H.O.S.A.” Nathani said. “I joined as a member, and now I’m an officer, which is awesome.”

  Raniyah is also proud of H.O.S.A’s community events, including their promotion of breast cancer awareness throughout October.

  “We do things like breast cancer awareness, which was this month, and also suicide awareness, cancer walks, and I’m glad that I’m doing that.” Nathani said.

  H.O.S.A is a great club to be in if you plan on pursuing a career in the medical field. Students get the chance to learn a lot about medicine, and not just things like first aid. Many of the students in the club plan on pursuing careers as doctors and surgeons.

  “When I grow up I want to be a neurosurgeon, and H.O.S.A is a great place to learn the stuff you’re gonna need to know if you’re gonna go into that field.” Nathani said.

  “All in all, I think H.O.S.A is a great club, and I really like being a part of it.”