Drake’s Inside look at the Woodshop class

Drake Drymond, Sports Editor

Q:  What is the Purpose for this class?

A:  “This class gives you a hands on experience as far as building things, understanding how things work, and using your hands with tools; it also goes along with engineering, and measurement.”  Mr. Whittington said.

Q:  What is your favorite project to teach during the year?

A:  “I really enjoy teaching the ‘wood turning project’ because I get to see what the kids can do with that, and the kids get excited because they get to build something,”  Whittington said.

Q:  Is the number of students in your classes increasing/decreasing/ staying the same?

A:  “Right now we have about 20 to 25 students in each class.  Its increasing, and I am excited about that,”  Whittington said.

Q:  What would you say to a student who is on the fence about taking this class?

A:  “Take this class if you like to build things, and being active,”  Whittington said.

Q:  What is your hope for the students in your classes?

A:  “I hope that many of these students take this and they are able to use this in life and see how the work ethic that they’ve learned in here, and how it applies to the real world,”  Whittington said.

Q:  What is the best part of this class as a teacher?

A:  “The best part is seeing students learn new things and be able to apply what they’ve learned to build their next projects on their own,”  Whittington said.

Q: How would you sum up Woodshop?

A: “It’s a useful practical class,”  Whittington said.