Volleyball Victory

Caroline Adami, Reporter

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The score is 12-10.

Both sides of the gym are packed with fans, cheering and hoping that their side comes out on top. This set is crucial for the Lady Lobos to continue their fight against rival school Cy-Woods.

The team lost a hard fought game against Cy-Ranch in their district season opener last week, for they are still adjusting to a brand new group of starters and the absence of head Coach Rhodes for her maternity leave. However, they didn’t let their adversities discourage them.

“We’re taking it to five,” junior Libero Erica Lowery said. “There’s no way we’re losing this game.”

The fans roar with enthusiasm as the score seesaws back and forth. Suddenly, the crowd falls silent. Senior Captain Kristen Bencal carries Lowery off the court to seek medical attention.

“Something is really wrong,” Bencal said. “She would never take herself out of a game unless she was hurt really badly.”

The game must go on, so interim coach Staggs puts in junior Alex Ayala to take Lowery’s place and lead the Lady Lobos to a set three victory 25-20.

With a swig of pickle juice to ease the intense cramp in her calf, Lowery is back in the game for the start of set four. The Lobos have all the momentum now. With every point the team grew stronger and more confident; mercilessly spiking the ball into the ground and winning the set 25-23.

At last, the Lobos won the game in an exciting final set 15-7. Students, parents, and teammates alike celebrated with high-fives and the singing of the school song. This is a huge win for the team, but it’s no time to rest. The grind starts again tomorrow as they prepare for Tomball Memorial.