Local Royalty – The King and Queen are Crowned

Caroline Adami, Reporter

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“I was ready to lose, I even practiced my losing face,” Alexis Ho said. “And then when they called my name I was like ‘I don’t even know what to do right now, I didn’t practice this!’”

Two royal students now walk the halls of Langham Creek.

Chris Herron and Alexis Ho were announced Homecoming King and Queen at the football game last Friday. The audience erupted with enthusiasm as the two received their crowns.

Four long weeks of campaigning, all for that moment. It had finally paid off.

“The competition was pretty high,” Queen Ho said. “A lot of people liked the other nominees, so I just didn’t think I would win. I baked a ton of cookies to pass out to everyone, and I think that really helped.”

While Ho was busy in the kitchen, King Herron took to social media.

“I just feel like it’s the easiest and most effective way to get the word out about something nowadays,” Herron said. “I knew I had a good chance at winning, but I didn’t expect to actually win.”

But who does, right? The two remained humble, just as any good King and Queen would do. The two shared a hug at the 50 yard line; Herron even helped Ho steady her crown.

“Chris and I have always been friends, so it’s pretty cool that we both won,” Ho said.

Ho and Herron will carry their title for one whole year during which they will practice friendly actions and exemplary behavior. However, Herron’s ambition does not stop here.

“Vote for me for Prom King!” Herron said.

The two will hopefully return in 2019 to crown the next King and Queen.