This is Travis Scott’s World and We’re Just Raging In It

Caroline Adami, Reporter

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Rae Sremmurd. Young Thug. Lil Wayne. Post Malone.

Over the holiday break, Travis Scott revived AstroWorld with the help of several rap legends. The city of Houston had high hopes for the music festival, and Scott did not disappoint.

As an event for his hometown, the lineup was destined for greatness. Fans had no idea what to expect as Scott postponed its release until the last hour. One might expect a lack of such information would cause frustration among ticket buyers, but it did quite the opposite. Rumors of the attendance of platinum artists such as Frank Ocean and Drake spread during the waiting period. The suspense was exhilarating, and Scott’s risky move proved to be effective.

Approximately 40,000 people experienced the revival of AstroWorld. Upon entrance, fans were greeted by the famous golden blow-up of Travis Scott’s head. Behind it, the festival came to life with a ferris wheel, circus performers, a carousel, a swing ride, and a jam packed merchandise booth. The various activities kept crowds from getting too heavy and provided an alternative to the mosh pit madness happening at the stages. Each artist aimed to pump up the crowd even more than the previous, resulting in an absolute rage.

However, like any great music festival, there were a few pitfalls. Performers fell behind schedule early in the day when Trippie Redd came out 30 minutes late. As if his fans weren’t already irritated enough, he cut his performance short. Trippie sang a total of three songs before dismounting the stage. Additionally, one of the stages overlooked an area of grass. This may have been nice in the beginning, but the area quickly became a muddy mess. By the end of the night, many pairs of shoes and shorts were ruined.

But overall, the good outweighed the bad and the inaugural AstroWorld Music Festival made its mark. So much so that Mayor Sylvester Turner declared November 18 AstroWorld Day in the city of Houston. Scott grabbed Houston by the reins that day, and now fans begin the thrilling wait for next year.