From 1 District win a year ago, Lobo Basketball has turned the tide

Drake Drymond, Assistant Head Editor

Coach Ament walks off  a basketball court for the last time all season after losing by 30 to Cy Creek 72-42. It capped off what could only be described as a rough season. The Lobos had mustered only a single win all district season and finished dead last in the district standings.

Fast forward 11 months later and the Lobos sit atop the district standings at 6-2 and are in position to make a play-off run.

“We’re Clicking well, and we are just finding ways to win them (games) this year,” Junior Forward Riley Foreman said.

For Coach Ament the turnaround is no surprise.

“We knew this year that we had a chance to be pretty good,” Ament said. “We had several guys last year who were young… got experience, and the pieces on the JV level that made them successful meshed with the guys on the varsity.  Put those things together, and we have a lot of depth, and a lot of speed.”

The change has come after the previous season left a mark on the players.

“They didn’t like the results of last year,” Ament said. “So they put in a lot of work lifting, shooting and improving their own game in the spring. Sometimes the experience of  not enjoying something can motivate you to not want to repeat that and they’ve done a great job doing that.”

After struggling to find consistent scoring a year ago, the  Lobos increased depth and experience has helped lead the charge

“Last year we were more of a one trick pony,” Foreman said. “We had 2 guys that got all of our points, but this year we rotate people in non-stop and  more people are touching the ball and more people are scoring.”

Despite the success, Ament and the coaching staff prepare the same; going through the same steps as last year.

“We try to prepare the same,” Ament said. “Even though we won only one game last year in district…weather we win, preparation is always got to be the same even if the results are not the same.”

Despite all the success the team has experienced, they remain hungry with a mentality of proving themselves.

“We want to prove it that we can preserve it,” Foreman said.

“Their doing a great job of putting themselves in an opportunity every night to win,” Ament said. “We just have to continue to improve on our strengths and look at it from a standpoint of if a team takes this away, then what is my counterpoint.”