PAX South Followup

Noah Conley, Broadcast Editor

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  PAX South happened from January 18th-20th in San Antonio, and it was certainly an event to remember. Ryan Hartman, the events director behind the convention, called it the biggest PAX South by “every metric.” The convention didn’t have much in the way of announcements of new games, but there were several interesting events involving already announced or released games. The highlight of the convention was the Resident Evil 2 installation, which featured a life size police station where attendees could enter and play a 15-minute demo of the game. The game is a remake of the original Playstation game, with updated graphics and gameplay. The installation also featured a police car in front with a mannequin made to look like a zombie lying on the hood.

  Speaking of zombies, the upcoming zombie survival game Days Gone was featured at PAX this year. The Playstation 4 exclusive takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. A pandemic has wiped out most of humanity, and turned most of the survivors into ‘Freakers’, zombie like creatures that are slow and passive by day but fast and aggressive at night. You play as a drifter, trying to survive in a world full of zombies, wild animals, zombie wild animals, and other humans that might try and kill you. Your main mode of transportation is your drifter bike, an off road motorcycle which you can upgrade with various parts to improve its characteristics.

  There were also several VR games that got a heavy amount of attention. The Playstation VR shooter Firewall: Zero Hour was featured. It’s a tactical shooter in the vein of games such as Rainbow Six Siege, with teams of four pitted against each other in five minute matches with no respawns. It should feel instantly familiar to anyone who plays regular tactical shooters on PC or console.

  There was also the critically acclaimed VR game Beat Saber. It’s a rhythm game like Guitar Hero, but instead of pressing buttons in tune with the song, the player uses the controllers like lightsabers to slice blocks in tune with a song in order to build up points and combos. It has gained a lot of popularity on the video game marketplace Steam, with overwhelmingly positive reviews.