Construction Strikes a Note

Evony McCutchen, Reporter

Band, Choir, Theatre, and Orchestra all are being evicted from their rooms by the progressive construction and must be officially moved out on May 31st. Along with the move, construction has also been causing a lot of noise for these departments, especially Orchestra.

“We’ve actually started to pack things up currently already,” Head Orchestra Director Melissa Shideler said.  

Some of the Fine Arts departments have already started to put away music that is not needed, in order to lessen the amount of work that will be needed to get done by the end of the school year; while others have not yet started and are in a rush to get things done and will be utilizing their students to assist in the move.

“After all of our big stuff for the year is done we will start our moving process,” Assistant Head Choir Director Andrea Loer said. “We are going to have to have class periods help move our things.”

Although the move is a prominent demand that had been persisting since the beginning of the year, the amount of noise the construction produces is a recently added surplus. 

“Since spring break we hadn’t really felt the effects of noise,” Shideler said. “But in this new part of phase three construction has been incredibly noisy because they are doing demolition in this athletic part right behind the orchestra room.”

Although the construction is “incredibly noisy,” Shideler finds a way to use the disruption to her advantage.

“We just tried to be flexible,” Shideler said. “We continued rehearsals after school and then I kind of just used it. When we needed to be loud or forte or really fortissimo, I was like get louder than the construction. And when it was softer then get under the construction. We just tried to keep it positive.”

Even though the Fine Arts department is having to undergo these new circumstances they attempt to use it to their working benefit and just “tried to be flexible.”