Java Jive Jammin’

Taylor Gavelek, Feature Editor

Java Jive is an annual concert produced by the LCHS choir that features kids who are in and out of choir showing off their talents. Java Jive will take place April 30th in the library at 6pm, tickets are $5 and you can buy them at the door.

“Java Jive has always been a student body favorite, you can hang out with friends, eat snacks and listen to great music,” Junior choir student, Emanuel Flores said.

Many students participate for a chance to perform in an area or genre that they have yet to explore with their vocal talents.  

“It allows for a lot of people to come out of their shell,” Sophomore Choir student Evony McCutchen said. “Java Jive isn’t choir music, it’s pop music, jazz music, it’s all types of genres and that’s a really good thing.”

Unlike most choir performances, The LCHS choir encourages students to choose songs that are more modern and meaningful to them.

“It’s also good for the student body here at Langham because we get to see the different talents that we have at this school,” said McCutchen. “And they may not necessarily be in choir but they may have singing talents or instrumental talents.”

Auditions for Java Jive were held this past Tuesday, April 9th. Choir council members were allowed to sit in and give feedback throughout the audition process.

“You should have seen the amount of people that were in the audition room that were in band, in orchestra and other organizations,” McCutchen said.

Along with good friends and great music, the LCHS choir also puts on a bake sale throughout the night. The LCHS choir is encouraging everybody to come support their fellow students at Java Jive.

“Everybody should come out, it’s a great event for hanging out and an easy way to support the arts,” Flores said.