Meet The Lobos

Taylor Gavelek, Reporter

The crowd jumped to their feet in anticipation as their beloved football team strolled onto the gym floor. Anticipation quickly turned to excitement as the team came to a halt in front of the stands. This is what high school is all about.

“Please welcome your 2019 Varsity Football team,” head football coach Todd Thompson said, as he quickly took the floor.

The team stood in excitement as the gym filled with cheers. 

“This Friday, yes, this Friday is our first game of the season,” Thompson said. “And we want to see you all out in the stands when we go up against Klein Oak.” The crowd elevated in enthusiasm. 

Meet the Lobos is the beginning of the year pep rally aimed to allow the Lobo community to show its appreciation to all of the groups that were working together this summer to make this football season unforgettable. 

“I’m so excited for this year,” senior cheerleader Shay Walker said. “It’s senior season for me and I know it will be great.” 

Along with the exciting introductions of the football players, many groups like coaches, athletic trainers, cheerleaders, Bailadoras and parents were presented to the crowds. 

Meet the Lobos is a fun and exciting way to get fans riled up for the upcoming season and an even better way to join them together to make this school year unforgettable.