Choir and Theatre Cast for Upcoming Musical

Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Our school’s Theatre department will be performing a musical- Lies and Legends: the Musical Stories of Harry Chapin. Which is also the first production for the school year. The musical has cast both Theatre and Choir students to be characters in this production.

“There were many people that came to audition,” cast member Erin Slatton said. “So, it was cool to see theatre and choir people coming together with one goal in mind. To make the cut for the musical.” 

However, not only are the actors ready in anticipation to perform, but as are the tech and backstage crews.

“When I was told that I could be on the tech team for this musical I was so excited ‘cause I just love musicals so much,” tech crew member Fatima Rodriguez said. “I think that without us, the backstage crew, it’d be really hard to make this musical happen.”

Although rehearsals have yet to start, the cast and crew are gradually working to publicize the musical to the student body.

“As of now we are slowly telling our friends of the upcoming musical to get them excited and willing to come,” cast member Harrison Griggs said.

Lies and Legends: The Musical Stories of Harry Chapin will be coming to the theater near you. Be on the lookout for any promotions of the musical and spread the word too. The musical is scheduled to take place in the auditorium November 14-16.