Cosmetology: Spa Day

Evony McCutchen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Spa Day is a day designated for the new teachers to have a relaxing time, get  facial care treatment, and haircut hosted by the cosmetology students. September 24th the cosmetology students were able to gain some experience of how a professional salon operates, while also getting to know new teachers.

“I feel like this day benefits both teacher and student,” three year member senior Mychael Donaldson said. “It allows for a better connection between the two: a student in cosmetology would be nervous because they don’t want to mess up, but also a teacher’s first time here is nervous because they want to teach well. They both are nervous so teacher and student could bond over that and become more comfortable.”

Although this is a great way for students to attain experience of a licensed salon, not everyone can sign up to participate in the spa day. There are requirements that need to be met to be considered as a potential participant.

“In order to be part of Spa Day, someone would need to know first and foremost what they are doing, need to know about proper sanitation, how to be professional, and show responsibly in class,” senior Noemi Martinez said. “During spa day or any other event we have, we must act as if this is a real salon, because this is an active salon.”

Spa day may benefit the students in their future career in cosmetology but also as people in society as well.

“This day helps build our self esteem and confidence in what we do,” Donaldson said. “When we get feedback it makes us feel good, gives us that ‘umph’ to be the best we can be, whether that be in the cosmetology world or as people.”