Only Guy In Guard


Tiffany Vela

Junior Jaden Anderson catching his rifle toss

Aaliyah Hamilton, Reporter

The sweaty bathrooms fill with Guard Girls in a rush trying to help one another squeeze into tight sequin covered costumes, all focus and work in the crowded conditions, all except one who doesn’t have to worry about that. He gets the men’s bathroom all to himself.  

Jaden Anderson joined  Langham’s color guard, his junior year, bucking the trend of a team that is predominantly girls. 

“I think it brings more diversity into the guard,” Color Guard captain Flor Rios said. “For a really long time it was just female, and then boom, a male and it creates a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted.” 

Anderson believes that such a “welcome”  place should have more equality of gender. 

“There should be more guys in guard,” Anderson said. “The fact that I’m the only one, people will think ‘oh that’s cool’ because there’s not usually guys in their guard.”

Anderson transferred from Cy Park and was a member of their color guard for one year. He had a lead solo in their marching show called The Games.

“I loved having the solo because it was my first year marching,” Anderson said. “I didn’t expect to get it but that really made me love performing because I got to be on stage and stuff, it was really fun.”  

Just because he’s a guy doesn’t change the performance, but enhances it, by having an extra hard working member. 

“I don’t think it’s any different performing [with him] because we’re all expected to give 110% always,” Rios said. “He’s competitive and that’s just what we need to keep growing as a team and a rifle line.”

He has taken well to his new opportunities and friendships with the color guard team.

“I love Langham’s color guard,” Anderson said. “It’s more like a team.”

Jaden is staying in color guard for the upcoming winter guard season and wants to get a solo on varsity. 

“I think I work really hard,” Anderson said. “I practice every day and I want to prove my hard work.”

Anderson hopes to join Drum Corps International, which is an organization for major league marching bands, and he believes being the only guy is beneficial to him.

“It makes me feel more confident actually,”Anderson said. “A lot of guys think it’s girly or whatever, when in reality, you’re literally just spinning equipment.”